Savannah Adult Recreation Club Presents

Spring Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament

Charity Volleyball Tournament

Proceeds Go To Dancing With Savannah Stars

Saturday, April 13, 2024
Single Day Tournament between 09:30AM - 3:00PM


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$20.00 per player
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$80.00 per team
$20.00 per player
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Program Summary

This is a charity tournament to sponsor Brightside Advocacy's "Dancing With Savannah Stars" fundraiser. 100% of proceeds will go to fund this campaign. 

Tournament is formatted as pool play followed by a single elimination tournament bracket. Exact tournament structure will be announced the day of the tournament. Games are 4v4 co-ed on the field.

Program Details

Payment for registration is due at registration. You can bring cash or Venmo (@savannahsports). 

A full copy of our rules can be found here.

Here are some other important things worth noting:

  • All games are rally scoring. In the "rally" game, points will be awarded on both the service and service receive side.
  • Play continues until a two-point advantage is reached or until a team scores 25 points with a one point advantage.
  • Coed teams should be 2 men/2 women. Teams are allowed to play with 3 or 2, as long as 1 is a woman. Teams can have more women than men.
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors will be played between the two captains to determine serve or side; best of one wins and picks either serve or side. Teams will rotate sides and serve after the completion of each game.
  • Teams will switch sides when either team reaches 11 points.
  • No "jump" serves are allowed.
  • Please be courteous to other players, referees and managers. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for any poor sportsmanlike behaviors.


Forsyth Park
2 W Gaston St
Savannah, GA 31401